Digitalisation and Industry 4.0

Automotive industry in a changing world


Change in the fourth revolution

Digitalisation is advancing in the automotive industry. Find out about the benefits and the potential of the next industrial revolution. We don’t just explain the new challenges. We offer solutions.

Automotive industry 4.0

Automotive industry 4.0



Business Cases

Business Cases


What is Industry 4.0 and the fourth industrial revolution all about?

The term Industry 4.0

The term Industry 4.0 was first used in Germany in 2012. It refers to industrial manufacturing and the fourth industrial revolution. The aim of this fourth industrial revolution is to integrate industrial production with modern information and communication technology. This uses intelligent and digitally networked systems to enable largely self-organised production.

In Industry 4.0, people, machinery, plants, logistics and products communicate and cooperate directly with one another. This aims to include all phases of the product lifecycle, from the idea through to development, manufacturing, use and maintenance as well as recycling. This is precisely where the difference lies to the third industrial revolution. While this revolution involved the automation of production, Industry 4.0 is no longer focussed on optimising a single production step, but rather an entire value chain.

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The name of this version of the revolution has its origins in software programming. Here, major software changes are reflected by incrementing the first number by one and resetting the second digit to zero. The number 4.0 therefore refers to the preceding revolutions.

Benefits of digital transformation

Some people consider the change to be too small to invoke a new revolution and refer to this as a second phase of digitalisation. But, regardless of whether you call it Industry 4.0 or the second phase of digitalisation – digital transformation cannot be stopped. This has definite benefits, as considerable economic potential exists in digital networking along value chains and the entire product lifecycle. This ranges from increased productivity to innovations in products and services through to new business models.


We have already been able to implement individual solutions for these customers.

Lei Shing Hong Ltd.
Lei Shing Hong Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based company that operates in automotive and construction machinery retail and currently employs more than 26,000 people. The company is the world's largest independent seller of motor vehicles from Daimler AG. In addition, Lei Shing Hong Ltd. markets vehicles by Caterpillar, Porsche and Smart.
Stern Auto GmbH
Daimler AG sold 15 of its manufacturing sites in Leipzig, Dresden, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Schwerin, Rostock, Valluhn and Upahl to Stern Auto GmbH in 2015. According to Daimler AG, this sale to a long-standing partner of the company is intended to secure the continued existence of the sites and the approximately 1,500 jobs associated with them.
Russ & Janot
Russ & Janot is new to Odoo. Russ & Janot is a very successful authorised Mercedes Benz partner with various dealerships in Germany.


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