Geely - CEVT

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Reducing lead times from weeks to days and hours to minutes

Located in Göteborg, the heart of Sweden’s automotive industry, CEVT is an innovation centre for the Geely Group. Since 2013, they have grown to keep some 2000 people busy. Thinking big is in their DNA. Geely started making cars in 1997 and aims to be among the ten largest automotive groups in the world by 2020.

Modular development and advanced virtual engineering enable CEVT to deliver world-class technology to all Gelly Group brands. Their scalable Compact Modular Architecture was first brought to the market with the Volvo XC40 and the Lync & Co 01.

They’ve also developed a completely new 7-speed dual clutch transmission, hybrid powertrains, advanced active safety features and top-notch user experience. You can find their technology in cars all over the world.

CEVT Fleet management system
As CEVT started from scratch, their main needs were to get up and running fast, and manage test vehicles during the R&D process. The CEVT Fleet management system handles the W-questions, i.e. What are they testing, What has been modified in the car and by Whom, and When? What are the car ECUs software versions? Where is the car now? When was the measurement tool calibrated? Being able to answer these W-questions is crucial. A test is invalid if these questions cannot be precisely answered for each test car, at any time and place

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