Lei Shing Hong Ltd.


Business Case from brain-tec

Industry: Automotive
Headquarters: Hong Kong
Number of employees: > 26,900
Project duration: 2017 to 2018
Order: Implementation of the Odoo Expense Management module

At Lei Shing Hong Ltd., expenses were settled using Excel files. As is often the case, employees prepared their expense report, added the receipts and forwarded the paper-based version to their manager. The manager, in turn, signed and posted the expense report to the accounting department. A cumbersome and tedious process. But one that is currently still in use in many companies. No longer at Lei Shing Hong Ltd. since 2018.

To allow employees to record and settle their expenses with minimal effort and when they are on the road, Lei Shing Hong Ltd. decided to introduce the Odoo Expense Management app. A project that we at the brain-tec group were pleased to implement with no major difficulties. These days, the company’s operations are efficient and digitalised. Receipts are simply assigned and automatically processed thanks to the efficient approval workflow that operates in the background. The Odoo Expense Management module allows error sources to be reduced to an absolute minimum.