Stern Auto GmbH

Industry: Automotive
Headquarters: Leipzig
Number of employees: > 1,200
Number of ERP Odoo users/admins: > 1,200
Project duration: 2016 to today

  • Implementation of Odoo with the CRM, Purchasing, Warehouse Management, Marketing, Apprentice Planner and Reports modules as well as interfaces to other systems, such as SAP, agorum, etc.
  • Consider internationality
  • Consider and structure the legal aspect of Germany and the UK such that legal aspects of additional countries can be taken into account in future
  • Multi-client capable

In 2015, Daimler sold 15 of its manufacturing sites in Leipzig, Dresden, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Schwerin, Rostock, Valluhn and Upahl to Stern Auto GmbH. Stern Auto GmbH is a subsidiary of the Chinese Lei Shing Hong Group (Stern Auto), headquartered in Hong Kong, and has been operating in various markets, primarily in Asia, as a Mercedes Benz partner for over 40 years. Stern Auto has over 118 sales offices and 179 outlets in Asia and Australia and sells over 120,000 Mercedes Benz cars every year. According to Daimler, the sale was intended to provide security for the manufacturing sites and therefore around 1,500 jobs. Daimler is certain that it has found the best possible buyer in Stern Auto. Stern Auto is one of the largest, most experienced and most renowned Mercedes Benz dealers worldwide and will ensure the success of Mercedes Benz in eastern Germany, reports Carsten Oder, Sales Manager Mercedes Benz Germany.

The order to introduce the Odoo Purchasing module for Stern Auto GmbH was an exciting challenge for the brain-tec group. Additional interfaces to SAP and other third-party systems had to be programmed to ensure the seamless operation of the entire procurement process after the Daimler IT systems were switched off at the start of 2017. The project was able to be completed on time and in compliance with the specified budget. In March 2017, Stern Auto GmbH then initialised the second project phase in order to integrate additional Odoo modules in the Sales, Marketing, HR, Ticketing and other departments as well as in subsidiaries. 

Stern Auto GmbH

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