Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling

Business Case from an another Odoo partner

A complete implementation in just 6 months

Toyota Material Handling France is a member of the Toyota Industries Corporation, which operates in 5 regions in the material handling industry. The company’s main focus is manufacturing, selling forklifts throughout Europe, and provide technical solutions and support.

Before discovering Odoo, Toyota built a custom-made solution for the configuration of their highly customizable trucks. The problems they faced were hidden behind the scenes. For example, their factory in Italy was not equipped with an adequate solution that adapted with their equipment to go through all the necessary steps of production. As their previous solution was also used as the configurator, this meant that changing one part of the solution also meant taking down the old system in order to replace is with something else.

Therefore, they did some research and found out that they had two possibilities: either they replaced the old solution with a new custom-made solution or they replaced it with an out-of-the-box solution. Moreover, Toyota needed a quick return on investment.  This is where a traditional ERP system failed and where Odoo proved to be the best solution.

Although their initial focus was on Sales – an Odoo partner implemented also other apps such as Inventory, MRP, Purchase and Accounting.

One of the most important factors for Toyota was timing. Odoo offered a solution that could be implemented rapidly and thereby pleasing management with a good and reliable solution that the company was able to count on in just a matter of months. The company now appreciates having a more valuable system due to the open nature of the software. After a little bit of training, Toyota’s people can also develop new features that benefits the company.

Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting and Purchase