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Volkswagen Group

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Another successful integration with a legacy system

Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited is the owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group in India. They focus on the sales and manufacturing of Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen und Skoda vehicles in India. Volkswagen subsidiary, Lamborghini, also sells their vehicles in India through this channel.

Monitoring the performance of the resources is a challenge in the automobile industry, even more so in the after-sales area. A poor use of resources in your workshop will not only affect your revenue but also the customer’s satisfaction and the overall brand value. Volkswagen was looking for an application that could help them with this particular issue. With an ideal application, each resource performance could be monitored through a tracking method and processed alongside each vehicle allowing customer traceability. All of that without having to input any data.

An Odoo partner rose to the challenge and developed a strong vertical product where every process in the dealership was trackable with RFID tags. From vehicles movement inside and outside of the dealership, to workshop locations, all of which were now monitorable and recorded within Odoo.

Building a new solution to work with the existing legacy system was a major challenge, however, everything was implemented successfully and the results already speak for themselves. Waiting time is now minimized, increasing the customer satisfaction for dealerships and subsequently increasing overall brand satisfaction. There is also revenue growth spurred by an increase in technician’s productivity.

Thanks to the implemented monitoring, it is now easy to see where the delays are occurring, giving opportunities to improve existing processes.

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