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In the era of Industry 4.0, millions of satisfied users rely on this innovative automotive business application every single day. Consisting of more than 15,000 modules (apps), Odoo is currently the best automotive business application on the market. The 15,000 apps can simply be activated and combined according to your needs. Easy and quick. Without any major programming expense.

We know what we are talking about. After all, we have developed numerous Odoo modules specifically for the automotive industry ourselves. All of these modules aim to facilitate the entry into the digital age of Industry 4.0.

The following business processes are available as fully-integrated and interlinked apps:

E-Mail Marketing


Create the basis for efficient, controlled and organised operation in the automotive industry. Odoo Administration gives you a 360° view of your customers. You can seamlessly record the potential of the individual vehicles and strengthen customer relationships.  A single click takes you to the current customer status so you know exactly what needs to be done and where.

Efficiently manage the entire process in your automotive company with Odoo Administration.


Increase the success of your campaigns and improve the quality of your customer relationships. Odoo VoIP Telephony lets you plan your campaigns easily and efficiently. The app is also ideal for a professional service follow-up. The Odoo VoIP Telephone app provides reliable and professional support for telephone follow-up activities.


Manage your tyre and wheel warehouse easily and clearly with the Odoo Tyre and Wheel Hotel app. This module lets you optimise your workshop and purchasing planning and ensures efficient warehouse management.

  • Storage and retrieval of wheels and tyres
  • Tyre marketing at the push of a button
  • Easy identification with labels
  • Full integration 
  • Etc.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Follow-up leads, exploit opportunities for success and receive precise forecasts. The Odoo CRM marketing and sales app increases efficiency in sales as well as service. The Odoo business software has a clear focus on establishing and maintaining relationships with existing and potential customers.

Plan marketing campaigns in an instant and then ensure their targeted evaluation. The CRM app means that you always have an overview of your customer relationships:

  • Integration of customer and billing data to calculate KPIs.
  • Internal comparative values (e.g. site comparisons)
  • Simple planning of marketing activities 
  • Ability to integrate fully into the overall Odoo solution
  • Easy access to existing customer and vehicle data 
  • Etc.


Reach the right potential customer with the right message at the right time, completely automatically. The Odoo Marketing Automation app lets you easily create multi-stage campaigns with several paths and automated workflows, such as the assignment of potential customers to your sales team or updating a record. Use the Odoo Marketing Automation app to generate and maintain records of potential customers and easily convert these to customers at no great expense or effort. Make the decision for Odoo Marketing Automation and set your business on autopilot.


Create beautiful, user-friendly emails in an instant thanks to intuitive and user-friendly software. All without any knowledge of programming. Made easy using drag & drop. Select a layout and the desired modules, add the text and pictures and your professional email marketing campaign is ready to go. Whether for a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer – the contents of the emails automatically adapt to the terminal to ensure an optimal presentation.

Send your emails to selected target groups. Segment them by country, date, function and much more. Easily optimise your campaign to improve your opening and click rates. You receive precise real-time statistics of every dispatched e-mail. Whether link tracking or calculating returns – the numerous features of the Odoo E-mail marketing app make it easy for you to make your e-mail marketing a success. 


The Odoo Website Builder app lets you create topic-specific landing pages easily, quickly and cost-effectively. This will naturally also reflect the look and feel of your brand and always comply with your style guidelines. It’s easy to create the landing page using drag & drop and simply add the desired features, such as events, e-commerce, customer portal, etc. The landing pages are SEO-optimised as standard. The SEO tool is available to analyse the texts. Various marketing tools, such as A/B testing or the link tracker, are available to convert visitors to customers as efficiently as possible. This gives you transparent information on the behaviour of your customers.


Festivals, concerts, webinars, courses, charity events, exhibitions – the Odoo Event app lets you market and process events of all types and sizes. Organise, publish, advertise and sell event tickets quickly and efficiently. Thanks to Google Analytics integration, you can also track all kinds of events and never miss any opportunity to adapt your marketing measures accordingly.


Simply and easily sell your after-sales products and services via the Odoo online shop. Effortlessly create product pages, show your customers the outstanding deliveries, delivery orders and invoices via the customer portal and manage the inventory. The methods of payment and shipping are fully integrated and are easy to select. The Odoo E-Commerce solution also provides cross-selling and upselling methods. Increase your sales in a flash with the Odoo E-Commerce solution.


Manage suppliers and purchase orders easily and quickly with the Odoo Purchasing app. Automatically send invitations to tender to multiple bidders depending on your procurement rules, stock levels, logistics rules, etc., integrate their responses and the price lists and compare the tenders. Odoo lets you make intelligent purchase decisions and saves you money.


Manage time and productivity. The Odoo Time Recording system lets your employees easily and conveniently record their times on the screen, tablet or smartphone, even offline. From presence monitoring through to the holiday planner and detailed task scheduling – the Odoo Time Recording system lets you manage projects and ensures that you always maintain an overview. The time recording system can be fully integrated into the overall Odoo solution.


Manage your company’s most important asset: your employees. The Odoo Human Resources module lets you manage everything about your employees. Whether staff recruitment, employee evaluations, expenses, leave, working hours or employee management – improve communication with your potential and existing employees and improve their productivity.

The swissdec 4.0-certified Odoo Payroll Accounting solution supports your monthly payment of wages. The largely automated payroll runs, automatic transfer to financial accounting and automated settlement with social security institutions will help you significantly reduce your payroll accounting expense. 


Planning apprentice training takes up a great deal of time. Save valuable time with the Odoo Apprentice Planner. From the training status through to individual deployment plans (daily, weekly and annual schedule) and assignment plans for the training team – the Apprentice Planner and Manager takes account of your operational plans so that you always have an overview of free capacities at the training stations. The Apprentice Planner and Manager module is easy to use across the board and can be adapted to existing training processes.


Keep an eye on your fleet with just a few clicks. The user-friendly Odoo Fleet Management system lets you easily and efficiently manage your vehicles, contracts, costs, insurances and orders. Receive helpful insights into the effective return of every vehicle. Improve your investments in the fleet.


Organise, plan, track and analyse your projects with the Odoo Project Management module. Group tasks in the right phase using a simple drag and drop view. Track the progress of your projects, the capacity and the status of the individual tasks and keep a constant eye on your team’s scheduling. Update the scheduling if necessary to ensure that you always meet your deadlines.


Financial accounting has never been this easy. Create professional invoices and dynamic financial reports in just a few clicks, automatically synchronise your account statements with your bank, manage invoices and expenditure and automate the follow-ups to your invoices. The Odoo Accounting module is sure to save you a great deal of time.


Process paper documents, enter data, respond to employee and supplier enquiries – all of the accounts payable activities that take up time. Not any more with the Odoo Creditor Management module. Simply and efficiently organise your creditors with intelligent workflows and automated processing operations. You save heaps of time and money.


The Odoo Travel and Expense Management module makes managing your expense management tasks a breeze. The time and effort for all involved is minimal. The documents can no longer get lost.

The employee creates a draft expense report, uploads a picture of their receipt using a mobile terminal and adds a note. That’s it. The manager approves or rejects the expense assigned by the employee. They may also add a comment or request additional information. At the end of the process, the bookkeeper only has to deal with the payments and invoices.  Simply practical. Simply efficient.


Outstanding customer service is often the best advertising. Track, prioritise and resolve customer concerns quickly and easily using the Odoo Helpdesk ticketing system. Regardless of whether by e-mail, web form, Twitter or live chat - contact your customers wherever they may be. Save heaps of time thanks to the option of creating SLA rules, automating responses and actions, defining templates and recording response modules. You can also offer your customers a self-service platform in the form of an integrated knowledge database, which gives them the opportunity to solve difficulties and challenges themselves.


Better service and lead times, less inventories, no shortages – optimise the efficiency of your warehouse now. The intelligent Odoo Warehouse Management software tracks inventories, is linked to the accounting department, supports the complex mapping of multiple warehouses and enables the full tracking of stock movements. Real-time reports ensure that you are always kept up to date.


The Odoo Production module applications let you plan and control your supply chain, personalise your master data, configure production planning and manage production and work orders. From the technical planning through to production technology and the supply chain - everything in a single software. Simple. Powerful. Efficient.


Odoo IoT Box: Connect any device to Odoo.
The new Odoo IoT Box lets you connect every device to your Odoo database. The Odoo IoT Box is a breakthrough for Industry 4.0.

The Odoo IoT Box is a small device that makes it easy to connect hardware to Odoo:

  • Connect with the label printer in your warehouse to print your product labels
  • …. the opportunities are endless.


Connect your document management system, such as agorum, or your business intelligence solution, such as Jedox, using an interface with Odoo. Interfaces also exist for ERP systems such as SAP, Abacus, Datev or Microsoft Navision. Moreover, Odoo provides a direct connection to e-commerce solutions such as Magento, Prestashop, Oxid, Shopware, etc., as well as order platforms such as eBay, Amazon, etc. Even content management systems such as Typo3 or learning management systems like Moodle can be connected. This simplifies the maintenance of content and reduces administration costs.